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Bijzonder vakantiehuis huren op ’t water in Nederland en België, ideaal voor kleine of grote groepen.

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Even if you have been on holiday regularly in your own country, there are still so many beautiful places to discover in the Netherlands! And that is certainly the case if you are going to discover it from the water. Throughout the Netherlands there are ships that can be rented as holiday home for a holiday with family or with a small group. An ideal way to spend a holiday in the Netherlands on a ship and location of your choice.

What can I expect from a holiday on a ship?

Once arrived, the skipper will explain everything about the ins and outs of a sleeping ship. After this you have the accommodation for yourself, the skipper has his own place but is always nearby if necessary. On board you have access to a large lounge, well-equipped kitchen, sufficient rooms and sanitary facilities.
During your holiday you can sit comfortably on deck, look out over the water and enjoy the sun.
The ships come in different shapes and sizes. From atmospheric basic ships to beautiful luxury accommodations. We have made a number of packages: weekend, midweek and week. Do you have specific wishes, do you want to come for a different period or do you have other questions? Then you can always contact us without obligation so that we can arrange the perfect ship for your family vacation can offer.

What does a holiday accommodation on a ship look like?

rent a holiday home in the Netherlands

In principle, a holiday on a ship works the same as in a holiday home, except that you sleep on the water in a very special accommodation.
You can go in all directions from the ship. You can go out during the day and then return to your ship to cook and enjoy the evening.
The ships generally have a permanent berth in the harbor of a city or a nice quiet spot outside. Most ships are suitable for a group of around 12 people, but there are also a number for small groups and groups of up to 32 people.

Multiple locations

It is also possible to ship sail to another location if you are going on vacation for a longer period. This way you can call at multiple ports during your stay on board. For example, take a round of Friesland during your holiday! This option is not available for all ships, ask us about the possibilities without obligation.

Sailing a bit with your sleeping ship

Because you are celebrating this holiday on a ship, it is appropriate to have one go sailing during your vacation. On a number of ships it is possible to boat trip to bookn. This tour can vary from a few hours to all day. And when the weather is nice, the skipper will probably know a good spot to moor and go for a swim. This makes a holiday on a ship very special.

What is important during your holiday?

The ships are lying spread throughout the Netherlands. Below are some tips on what to do in the area during your holiday.

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