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This website uses cookies. To give you insight into the information stored in it, we have listed these cookies for you. You will find below cookies by name, with their functionality described. In addition, you will find the domain where the information can be used and when a cookie is deleted.


On Slaapschepen.nl a number of cookies are used to guarantee the proper functioning of the website. For example, this may involve tracking user settings and preferences.

cookie_notice_acceptedUsed to determine whether the visitor of the website has given permission for the use of cookies.slaapschepen.nl1 years
zs_ship_lastviewedContains a reference to the last viewed ships by the website visitor.slaapschepen.nlStaying

Google Analytics

Slaapschepen.nl uses Google Analytics on this website, a web analysis service offered by Google Inc. (“Google”).

Google Analytics uses "analytical cookies" (text files placed on your computer) to help analyze the use of the website. With this information Slaapschepen.nl can improve the quality and effectiveness of its website.

For the use of these analytical cookies, it is not required to first request permission from website visitors, provided that Slaapschepen.nl complies with the 4 steps as they are included in the manual privacy-friendly setting of Google Analytics.

Slaapschepen.nl meets the aforementioned 4 steps and informs you about this as follows:

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_gaUsed to distinguish users..slaapschepen.nl2 years
_gidUsed to distinguish users..slaapschepen.nl24 Hours
_gatUsed to slow down request speed..slaapschepen.nl1 minute


This website uses this service to give you the opportunity to chat live with us. For TawkTo apply the privacy rules of TawkTo.

ssUnfamiliarva.tawk.toAfter visit


The articles and videos you view on our website can be shared via buttons via social media. The use of these buttons uses AddThis and cookies from the social media parties, so that they recognize you the moment you want to share an article or video.

AddThis is a service of the American company Clearspring Technologies. For AddThis, the privacy rules of AddThis.


Last updated on 24 in May 2018