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A city with a rich history

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Edam is especially famous for the cheese that has been traded from all corners of the world for centuries. The cheeses are still ripening in special warehouses. In the summer months there are the famous cheese markets, where the visitor can enjoy this spectacle and taste the many types of cheese.

Edam is known for its cheese, but also has a rich history. It all started in the 12 century, when farmers and fishermen settled on the river IJe. From this simple settlement, the city of Edam later emerged, which experienced increasing prosperity well into the 17 century. Shipbuilding has made a significant contribution to this.

Historic facades, quays with trees along the water. Edam does not have the status of protected cityscape for nothing. The municipality of Edam-Volendam has 202 registrations in the national monuments register and more than 64 municipal monuments. The center offers a wide range of well-specialized shops, cozy terraces and many attractions. Throughout the year there are numerous events in the field of music, sport and culture.

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