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Spend the night during the World Championship skating

World Speed ​​Skating Championships

Thialf offers more than 150 years of pure skating experience at top sport level. During the big skating events you will feel the special skating atmosphere in and around the stadium. In the stands cheering frenetic fans and you feel the pure emotion when your heroes pass by very close on the fastest ice in the Netherlands.

Because of the special skating atmosphere, the orange-filled skating enthusiasts and the well-known mopping orchestras, the events are known as the Frisian Carnival! Visitors can easily reach Thialf by public transport. In addition, there is ample parking.

sleep Ships

During this event it is possible to spend the night on one of the Sleeping Ships in the harbor. Sleeping on a sleeping ship is special and beneficial. Check out our site for all the options.

More information about World Championship skating in Thialf.

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