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Overnight on the Sneekermeer

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Hotel Friese Lakes Terherne The pretty village of Terherne is primarily a sports place. Located near the Sneekermeer is a perfect base for various activities in and around the water. And in this atmosphere you can stay here sleeping on ships. Looking for a special accommodation that you will not forget then you are in Terherne to the right place. Here you can stay on the ship called cottage. These are beautiful apartments on a ship. The apartments are equipped with every luxury and give a wonderful view of the water.

More possibilities

Want a hotel stay in another city? No problem because there are a lot more sleep ships throughout the Netherlands and abroad. There are sleeping ships in many different shapes and sizes. From luxury to budget, from large to small. we can find a suitable boat for every occasion. And we can bring them to naturally anywhere because sleep ships come wherever water.
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Hotel terherne Frisian lakes Terherne Frisian Lakes hotel

See all our hotel ships in Frisian Lakes