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Hotel Nijmeegse Vierdaagse 2022

Spending the night on a sleeper ship during the 104th 4 Days

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After two years, the largest walking performance tour in the world is starting again! More than 45.000 participants, with more than 70 different nationalities, from 11 years to 90+, come to Nijmegen every year to walk 30, 40 or 50 kilometers for four days in the Waalstad and its beautiful, wooded surroundings. Everyone participates with the same goal: to achieve the coveted 4 Days Cross.

The 4Daagse has a rich history and has developed along the lines of world history. The event survived world wars, went along with social developments, experienced a single low and many unique highs. This special history makes the event what it is today: The Walk of the World!

In addition to the walking tour, there are also many festivities in and around the city, so there is also plenty to do for visitors who do not participate. More information about the Nijmegen Four Days Marches can be found here.

Overnight on the water

There is a sleeping ship in the port of Nijmegen especially for the Nijmegen 4Daagse. Because with so many participants, all accommodations are quickly fully booked. The comfortable ship offers 4- and 5-day packages that include breakfast, packed lunch and dinner.
So you can participate in the walking tour without any worries, because everything is arranged for you.

View all our options during 4 Days Nijmegen