Groepsaccommodatie Enkhuizen

The jewel of the IJsselmeer

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group accommodations in Enkhuizen

Hotel Enkhuizen- Looking for a fun and original night for a group? Book one of our hotel ships in this beautiful port town on the IJsselmeer. There are ships here available for bed and breakfast and ships available for hire as group. A ship is ideal as hotel accommodation, it is an original and fun way to spend the night during a weekend getaway or family outing.

Tailored group accommodation

A number of hotel boats are also in its entirety for rent and therefore very suitable for a Bachelor Party a product presentation or a family outing. If you rent a ship for a group then, in most cases, you have access to all of the accommodation: cabins, saloon and in most cases also the kitchen. It is a special way of being together because you have everything available. Enjoy each other's company, no one has to go home because there are enough beds for everyone. Make a meal in the well-equipped kitchen and enjoy this together at the large tables. For any occasion, there is a suitable ship available. You don't feel like cooking? Then it is also possible that we arrange the catering.

Is your ideal accommodation not listed?

If the ideal ship is not listed. Then we can also ship from other places show sailing into, we can meet almost all requirements in terms of overnight stays. The wide choice of cabin vessels there is a suitable location for it all. During conferences and festivals for example we can offer property to 150 people per ship. Do you have specific needs to book the perfect accommodation? Then you can not hesitate to contact us.

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