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Hotel Alkmaar - a special overnight stay on a ship

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Hotel Alkmaar - - Looking for an affordable and original accommodation in the cheese town of Alkmaar? Look here for one of our hotel ships in this fun northern Dutch city. Alkmaar is a very nice city for a city trip. The famous cheese market and the historical atmosphere make it a very nice city to visit. But the city has more to offer, you can also shop very good. You can find the best shops in Alkmaar. The catering is highly recommended, there are a large number of restaurants in Alkmaar, many with terrace. Enjoy the best museums and events such as the Wandel4Daagse Alkmaar and Kaeskoppenstad! And after an exciting day it is a great coming home to one of the Sleep Ships in the harbor.

Sleeping on a ship is not only surprising, but also affordable

There are boats available for bed and breakfast or hotel. This is a surprising and fun way to spend the night during a weekend getaway or family retreat. Throughout the year you can book overnight stays on a ship. In winter, with ships completed the fleet of vessels which summers sailing trips on the Wadden Sea and IJsselmeer and perch in the winter in the city. If you have the two of you will have less than 40 euros you can have a bed! It's a great way to lodge during a vacation or weekend getaway. You sleep on a ship with a cozy living room as a central point. In your cabin for a comfortable and made bed. And in the morning a nice breakfast ready for anyone in the salon. In the morning you can sit on the deck drinking a coffee while overlooking the water. And do particularly easy because you only need to 12.00 hours aboard.

The supply of ships

Our sailing charter ships come in various shapes and sizes. From cosy sporty sailing ships to beautiful attractive accommodations. These ships are, in addition to being a bed and breakfast, also suitable as a group accommodation for friends, family and colleagues for family parties, company presentations or other activities.

Is not your next stay at?

Do you have special requests or questions? Then we are ready and please contact us. And Sleep Ships are spread all over the Netherlands, the vessels can indeed anywhere where water is coming. So we can also apply to ships sailing into if desired. Feel free to ask the many opportunities we offer.


See all our hotel ships in Alkmaar