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Hotel Antwerpen overnachtingen in prachtige stad

Delicious sleep at a sleep ship in the port of Antwerp

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Hotel in Antwerp - Are you looking for a fun and original overnight stay in this beautiful port city? This city is very attractive for a day or a weekend away. The history of the city goes back to the Middle Ages. During that time it grew into the largest city of the Seventeen Provinces. Anyone who visits the city nowadays sees this reflected in the beautiful old squares, buildings and street names. These clearly show the city's trading past. The diamond exchange and traders still ensure a thriving trade today. This rich history is easy to find when you walk around here.

Antwerp cannot really be visited in one day. Staying for a weekend or even a midweek in this nice city gives you the opportunity to let everything take effect on you. Take time for the details. Enjoy all the beauty that this city has to offer.

Sleeping on a ship is not only special, but also affordable

Visit this beautiful city and spend the night on a ship. After a day of enjoying this versatile port city, you can good and cheap stay on a sleeping ship. If you come in pairs, you have it less than 40 euros  already a bed! You spend the night on a ship with the salon as the meeting point. A made bed awaits in your room. And when you wake up there is one delicious breakfast  in the salon. When the weather is nice, you can drink a cup of coffee on deck while you have a nice view of the city.

Hotel Antwerp: selection of ships

Our Sleeping ships are very different, from atmospheric sporty ships to beautiful luxury accommodations. There is a ship for every budget. Besides bed and breakfast, the ships are also very suitable as Group accommodation for groups of family, friends and colleagues. If you rent the entire ship, you have access to all cabins, the salon and the kitchen.

Offer of several hotel options

Sometimes just the right ship is not listed. Then it is possible, for example, to allow ships to enter from other places. In this way we can also increase the overnight capacity.
Are you looking for a hotel in another city? That is no problem because there are many more Sleeping ships spread across the Netherlands and abroad. Look for business solutions for, for example, large events or projects on our Business hotel website  

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