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Stay the night in Groningen - This Hanseatic city is well worth a visit. It is a city known for its rich history and variety of attractions. The old center is filled with museums, galleries, large and small shops and good cafes and restaurants. There is plenty to do and see all year round. Come to this beautiful city and spend the night on a sleeping ship. In the summer, the ships sail with guests across the Waddenzee and IJsselmeer. In winter they serve as cheap hotel ship. They are also available in summer in many large cities. It is wonderful to come home on a ship after a long day of enjoying the city of Groningen.

Eurosonic Noorderslag

Once a year the Groningen dominated the music. It once started in 1986 as a competition between Dutch and Belgian bands. In the meantime it has grown into a grand festival at several locations. In January there are around 300 performances and around 33.000 visitors every year. A large part of this comes from professionals from the music industry. During the festival, Slaapschepen provides a large fleet of ships. These provide all these visitors with a bed. They are located near the Oosterpoort and the center of Groningen. Sleeping ships will bring hundreds of extra sleeping places for the organization, bands and festivalgoers that week.

Hotel Groningen: overnight on the water is possible with every budget

You can already book a bed for less than 35 euros! During a weekend trip or a city trip, it is a great way to enjoy yourself cheap overnight. Your cabin has a comfortable and made bed. And in the morning there is a nice breakfast waiting for you. With a little luck the weather is nice and you can enjoy your coffee on deck. That while you enjoy the activity in and around the port.

As well as group booking

Are you looking for a hotel or accommodation in Groningen for several people? Then you can also go to sleep ships. A ship is perfect for a stay with friends, family and colleagues. You then have access to all cabins, the kitchen and the salon. Look at group accommodation Groningen for all possibilities.

Can not find your ideal ship?

We can also make ships arriving from other places. For example, so that the overnight capacity is increased. If you're interested in here you can always contact us for more information or a free quote.

Maybe you want a hotel in another city? That is not a problem either, because there are many more sleeping ships in the Netherlands and abroad.
For more hotel solutions for example, major events or projects at our Business hotel website .

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