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Hotel Leiden - Are you looking for a fun and original night in this beautiful student city? Book a bed and breakfast on one of our hotel ships in the harbor. This is an original and fun way of staying overnight during a weekend trip or city trip. Throughout the year you can book overnight stays on a ship and in the winter the fleet of hotel ships is supplemented by ships that sail during summer trips and in the winter land in the city. After a day of enjoying this versatile port city, it is a great home on one of the Sleep ships in the harbor.

Sleeping on a ship is not only surprising, but also affordable

If you are a couple, you have less than 40 euro you already have a bed on a ship in lead! It is an economical way of staying overnight during a city break or weekend away. You sleep on a ship with an atmospheric salon as a central center. A comfortable and made-up bed awaits you in your cabin. And in the morning a nice breakfast is ready in the salon. When the weather is nice, you can drink a cup of coffee on deck while you look out over the water. And you have the time, because check out is only after 12.00 hours.

The ships that we offer

Our ships are available in various types and sizes. From atmospheric sporting ships to beautiful luxury accommodations. In addition to bed and breakfast, the vessels are also very suitable as group accommodation for groups of friends, family and colleagues for, for example, family celebrations and company presentations or outings.

Is your ideal accommodation not listed?

Sometimes you can not find the ideal hotel ship. Then we can leave ships from other places than to let Leiden enter so that the overnight capacity is increased. If you have specific wishes or other questions? Then you can always contact us without obligation.

Do you want a hotel stay in a different city than in Leiden? No problem because there are many more Sleepers spread across the Netherlands and abroad.

See all our hotel ships in Leiden