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Overnachten op een schip – Hotel Nijmegen

Overnight stay on a hotel ship in Nijmegen

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Hotel Nijmegen - Visit this beautiful city and spend the night on a traditional sailing ship or hotel ship. During the summer, some of these ships sail the Dutch waters and during the winter they serve as a cheap  hotels in various cities in the Netherlands, including Nijmegen. Ships are waiting for you all year round in the big cities. After an eventful day, it is a good return home on one of the Sleeping Ships in the harbor.

Sleeping on a ship in Nijmegen is not only surprising, but also affordable

It is a great way to spend the night during a city trip or weekend away. You sleep on a ship with an attractive salon as the central focal point. A comfortable and made bed awaits you in your cabin. And in the morning there is one in the hotel ship in Nijmegen delicious breakfast is ready for you on your hotel ship in Nijmegen. During nice weather, you can enjoy a cup of coffee on the deck while looking out over the water. And you have plenty of time, because check-out is only after 12:00.

Plenty of choice

A special and original night on board of a ship in Nijmegen. Perfect for friends, family and colleagues.
Our ships come in various shapes and sizes. From fast sporty sailing ships to beautiful attractive accommodations. These ships are, in addition to being a bed and breakfast, also suitable as a group accommodation.

Is your ideal accommodation not listed?

If the ideal ship is not listed here, then we can let sail numerous ships from other places to Nijmegen so that the accommodation capacity will be increased. Did you have specific wishes for booking the ideal accommodation? Then you can always contact us without any obligations.

Do you want a hotel stay in another city? No problem, because there are many more sleeping ships spread across the Netherlands and abroad.

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