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Good sleep on sleep ship- Visit the biggest port city in the Netherlands and spend the night on the water. The city is located on the Nieuwe Maas. One of the rivers in the delta formed by the Rhine and Meuse. The port of Rotterdam is the largest and most important in Europe. The harbor area extends over a length of 40 kilometers. After Rotterdam had been chosen for innovative architecture in WW II faces major devastation in the center. This has meant that Rotterdam has a completely different character than other major cities.

Still being built in the area around the Nieuwe Maas. An example is the Southbank and the Wilhelmina Pier. In this place were built the tallest skyscrapers in the Netherlands. And stands among all these modern buildings Hotel New YorkBecause time seems to have stood still. Hotel New York since 1993 located in the beautiful former headquarters of the Holland America Line. The decor makes you think you've gone back in time and you have a great menu to choose from. In the corridors of the restaurant you'll find a lot of old pictures and attributes. These tell about the time where many Dutch were trying their luck in America. You can walk back to the center of the Erasmus Bridge or take a water taxi. These water taxis are typical of Rotterdam, the modern and classic taxis that can take you anywhere.

It is a city with a rich history and a city that looks ahead. And definitely worth visiting for a weekend or longer. A hotel ship in the center can be used then as the ideal base to experience the city up close. In addition, short stay on a hotel ship the ideal way to give a nautical and original touch to your break in Rotterdam.

Hotel Rotterdam: from luxury to budget

Cheap hotels Rotterdam - Stays at a sleep ship is a very appropriate way to lodge in this modern metropolis. There is a choice of luxury liners and budget beds. Throughout the year it is possible to sleep overnight on a ship. In winter sleep ships are completed with ships sailing in the summer with tourists and winter dock in Rotterdam. The ships are all perfect as cheap bed and breakfast as well as rental property. You sleep on a ship situated around a cozy parlor. Upon arrival wait a comfortable and made bed. In the morning, a delicious breakfast ready for anyone in the salon. And if the sun is shining you can enjoy fine deck of your coffee while overlooking the water. And you can take it easy because check out is only at 12.00 hours.

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If the ideal ship is not listed. Then we can let ships from sailing into other areas so that the capacity is increased. Do you have special needs, you can not hesitate to contact us.

Want to spend the night in another city? That is not a problem because there are quite a lot of sleep ships throughout the Netherlands and abroad. These can optionally let sail anywhere that is accessible by water.
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