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Group accommodation Amsterdam - Visit this vibrant city and spend the night on the water. In Amsterdam with its famous canals and canals there is actually no more appropriate way of staying overnight. Throughout the year you can book overnight on a ship and in the winter the fleet of hotel ships is supplemented by ships that sail summers and in the winter moor in the harbors and canals. The ships are all ideal as a bed and breakfast and also very suitable as a group accommodation.

Group accommodation Amsterdam

A number of hotel vessels are also fully rented and therefore very suitable as group accommodation for eg a workshop, product presentation or a family outing. If you rent a ship for a group, you will generally have the entire accommodation available: the cabins, the salon and, in most cases, the kitchen. It is a special way of being together because you have everything in your hand. Enjoy each other's company, no one needs to go home because there are plenty of beds for everyone. Make a meal ready in the well-equipped kitchen and have a nice meal at the big tables in the group accommodation.

An appropriate ship is available for every occasion, as a hotelchip is ideal as mobile and flexible group accommodation or as a cheap alternative to a regular hotel overnight. During an overnight stay in one of our group accommodations, catering can also be arranged.

Our selection of hotel ships: from luxury to basic

The hotels in Amsterdam range from luxury big trainers and some well-equipped hotel passenger ships to simpler sailing ships. Most of the luxury hotels have double cabins, with their own shower and toilet facilities.
The basic group accommodations are on sailboats where you do not have their own shower and toilet in the room, but this is remade by the special experience of sleeping on the water. A small grip from the offer of ships in Amsterdam:

  • MPS Vertigo
    This simple but cozy ship was built in 1926 and has its berth in Oosterdok in the center of Amsterdam. This is within walking distance of the main train station. For more information about MPS Vertigo, contact us.
  • angelina
    This cosy ship has been converted into a comfortable passenger ship in 1999. From early October, the ship is available as a hotel ship.
  • Vrouwe Johanna
    The Lady Johanna is located just outside the center of Amsterdam. With its cozy decor, kitchen and cozy cabins this ship is ideal for group 12 people. More info on the Vrouwe Johanna

Locations throughout the entire Netherlands

Due to the extensive choice of hotel ships in Amsterdam, there is a suitable location for everyone. In addition, many waterways run throughout the city. These waterways make it possible to supply hotel ships in many different places. During congresses and festivals we can offer group accommodations to 150 persons per hotelchip. We can only book a hotelchip exclusively for each company.

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If the group accommodation of your choice does not matter, we can always arrange a suitable hotelchip. Then contact us.

Group accommodation Amsterdam

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Group accommodation Amsterdam

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