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Group accommodations in Groningen - Visit this beautiful city and spend the night on a traditional sailing ship. In the summer these charter ships sail across Dutch waters and in the winter they serve as sleeping ships in various cities in the Netherlands. Ships are waiting for you all year round in the big cities. After an eventful day, it is great to come home on one of the Sleeping Ships in the port of Groningen.

Group stay on a hotelchip in the northern capital

A number of hotel boats in Groningen can also be hired in their entirety as group accommodation. They are very suitable for a stay with friends, team outing, workshop or a family outing. If you rent a ship for a group then you have access to the entire accommodation: the cabins, salon and in most cases also the kitchen. It is a special way of being together, because you have everything under control. Enjoy each other's company, nobody has to go home because there are enough beds for everyone. Prepare a meal in the well-equipped kitchen and eat it cozy together at the large tables on. And if you want to do something together then here are some ideas for one activities in the city and surroundings.

A suitable ship for every group holiday

There is a suitable ship for every occasion. Because a hotel ship is ideal as a mobile and flexible group accommodation or as a cheap alternative to a regular hotel stay. Catering can also be arranged during an overnight stay in Groningen on our ships.

A number of our group accommodation in the center

The ships below are a few examples of the hotel ships that we offer in Groningen. These ships are close to the center of Groningen. During conferences and festivals, for example, we can offer group accommodation in Groningen up to 150 people per ship. Do you have specific requirements for booking the perfect group accommodation? Then you can always contact us without obligation.

The Spes Mea, in the center of Groningen, is ready to receive groups on board during the winter months. The ship is totally suitable for 22 people.

Company is new in Groningen. This cozy ship is located practically throughout the year in Groningen as a group accommodation and hotel ship.

Nova Cura Groningen, for small groups up to 12 persons. It is a nicely decorated ship for small groups up to and including 12 people.

Willem Jacob Groningen is a simple but cozy ship for large groups.

Is your ideal group accommodation in Groningen not included?

Should the ideal group accommodation not listed in Groningen. Then we can let ships enter from other places so that the overnight capacity is increased. You can always contact us without obligation for advice or to make your wishes known.

Do you want a group accommodation in another city? No problem because there are many more group accommodations outside of Groningen spreads over the Netherlands and abroad.

If you are looking for a smaller place you can also look at the hotel ships in Groningen. On these ships you can book a separate cabin for 2 or 4 people, for example.

Tips for the coming time

Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival Groningen is the special combination of one international arts festival with exciting contemporary performing arts from all parts of the world. A grand festival of eleven days in the freely accessible Noorderplantsoen and various locations in the city.
Work is presented by famous artists, old acquaintances and young makers from countries such as France, Australia, Cambodia, Norway, Belgium, Germany, Thailand, United States, Great Britain, Switzerland, Finland, South Africa, Mozambique and Hungary
The 30e edition of Noorderzon Performing Arts Festival takes place from 13 to 23 Aug 2020.

Around mid-December there are more than twenty historic charter ships on the quays of the Hoge, Lage and Kleine der A. In the hold of these ships you can enjoy an extensive music and theater program with artists from all over the world.

WinterWheeling naturally also has a Christmas market. But don't expect traditional Christmas stalls with Christmas accessories. WinterWelVaart does it a little differently! You will find one in the cozy wooden houses and stalls extensive selection of winter products. There is art and antiques, food, drinks and unmissable trinkets.

Eurosonic Noorderslag
This festival is a testing ground for European pop music that takes place every year in January in Groningen for four days. The festival started in 1986 with Noorderslag as a competition between Belgian and Dutch bands. It has now become one grand festival with multiple locations. As a result, a total of about 300 performances can be admired. Every year there are about 33.000 visitors, a significant number of which are professionals from the music industry. In 2021 Eurosonic Noorderslag in Groningen from 13 to 16 January. Even then, the ports of Groningen will again be full of Sleeping Ships to accommodate all guests and artists. More information about the sleep ships in Groningen during the festival.

Do you have any questions?

You might find the answer to your question between the frequently asked questions about your group accommodation in Groningen on this page. And otherwise you can of course always contact us via email, chat or telephone.

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