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Spending the night in the port city, of course on a hotel ship!

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group accommodations in Rotterdam

Hotel Rotterdam – Visit the port city of the Netherlands and spend the night on the water. It is an original and fun way of spending the night in a port city. Throughout the year you can book a night's stay on a ship and in winter, the fleet of hotel ships is joined with ships that sail during the summer and dock during the winter in Rotterdam. The ships are all ideal as bed and breakfast and also very suitable as a group accommodation.

Group accommodation

A number of hotel boats can also be hired entirely and therefore very suitable for a bachelor party a product presentation or a family outing. If you rent a ship for a group, you will in most cases have access to the entire accommodation: the cabins, saloon and in most cases also the kitchen. It is a special way of being together because you have everything in hand. Enjoy each other's company, nobody needs to go home because there are enough beds for everyone. Prepare a meal in the well-equipped kitchen and eat it together at the large tables. A suitable ship is available for every occasion. If you do not feel like cooking yourself, it is also possible that we arrange catering.

Our selection of hotel ships: from luxury to basic

The hotel ships range from luxury large three masters and a number of well-equipped hotel passenger ships to somewhat simpler sailing ships. Most of the more luxurious hotel ships have double cabins, with private shower and toilet.
The basic hotel rooms can be found on sailing ships where you do not have a private shower and toilet in the room, but that will be offset by the special experience of sleeping on the water.

Is your ideal accommodation not listed?

If the ideal ship is not listed. Then we can ship from sailing into other locations allow, we can meet almost all requirements in terms of overnight stays. The wide choice of vessels in Rotterdam there is a suitable location for it all. During conferences and festivals for example we can offer in Rotterdam property to 150 people per ship. Do you have specific needs to book the perfect accommodation? You can always contact us.

A number of our group accommodations in Rotterdam

The following ships are but a few examples of the hotel ships that we can offer in Rotterdam. Think for example of the cosy charter ships Luciana and Catharina. These ships are close to the Centre of Rotterdam and are available outside the sailing season during the summer. It is of course also possible to book a multi-day cruise on these ships during the sailing season. Also, there are various hotel ships in Rotterdam that are permanently there throughout the year. Lodging boat Rotterdam Kralingen and apartment-ship the Visithor are perfect for city trips with friends or family.

Hotel ship Catherina is in the winter months in Rotterdam ready to receive you and your group on board. The ship is totally suitable for 22 people.

Marie Galante is located in Rotterdam all year round. It is a charming sailing ship and where groups can stay up to 21 persons.

Lodging boat Rotterdam is a floating apartment for max. 4 people in the heart of Rotterdam. The accommodation can be booked throughout the entire year. More info on lodging boat Rotterdam.

Hotel ship Visithor is a guest boat with 2 complete luxury apartments. In total 8 people can stay overnight.

Are you looking for a hotel in another city? No problem as there are many more sleep ships spread over the Netherlands and its surroundings.

Hotel Rotterdam Cheap accommodationHotel Rotterdam Cheap accommodationHotel Rotterdam Cheap accommodationHotel Rotterdam Cheap accommodation

View all of our group accommodations in Rotterdam