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Overnight at a sleep ship during the Bears Walking on Terschelling

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The Bears Walking on Terschelling

Over the years, this marathon has grown into one of the largest athletics events in the Northern Netherlands. This is not only due to the beautiful course, which leads through the beautiful and varied nature of Terschelling, but also because of the fantastic atmosphere that prevails on the island during the Bear Run Weekend.

Almost everyone is on Terschelling involved in the Bears Loop: as a participant, volunteer or spectator, and it shows. Perhaps that is why, despite the challenging course, still be run excellent times every year.

The first edition was in 1997 when sporting closure of the theme year '400 years Willem Barents. Willem Barents, famous navigator and from Terschelling, 1596 tried to sail through the north to Asia. It was a monster journey with many hardships and a forced hibernation between the ice floes on Novaya Zemlya. By hunting bears had the crew enough food to survive the winter. And so the marathon came to its name: the Bears Loop.

The distances

The entire distance of the Bears Loop is a real challenge for runners. The route goes over the island, from West to Boschplaat and back, through the polders, dunes, forest and the beach. Start and finish are at West under the Brandaris.

Half the distance from the Bears Loop offers runners a beautiful and varied route. Starting West, the route of the main road to the villages Midsland and Formerum. Then it goes through woods, dunes and along the beach back to West. Along the way there are lots of atmosphere and music and the runners are fully encouraged.
Like a whole or a half marathon too far, or do you already warming up for the Bears Walk on Sunday, you can join on Saturday Shorty Bears Loop. You can choose from 5 or 10 kilometers and is walked on a nice nature trail through the woods and dunes of West.

It is always a party to join and participate: the youth race on the Sunday morning with different starts and there is a joint warm-up in the morning.
There are one, two or three rounds of walking by West-Terschelling and comprises the care, as with the Bears Loop, from water and sponges. For all participants, there is a beautiful medal afterwards.

Afterwards there is free coffee with Terschellinger pond cake and fire pits and live music provide warmth, atmosphere and cosiness. For the first three finishers there are cups and flowers and for all participants there is as a reminder - how could it be otherwise - a little teddy bear.

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