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Eurosonic Noorderslag is the place to discover European pop music. The festival takes place every year for four days in January in Groningen. The festival has ever started with Noorderslag in 1986 as a competition between Belgian and Dutch bands. Meanwhile, it has grown into a festival with multiple locations. As a result, a total of about 300 performances can be admired. Every year it attracts some 33.000 visitors, of which a considerable number of professionals from the music industry.

Eurosonic Noorderslag is organized by Stichting Noorderslag. The latter aims to strengthen the European pop sector and promote European pop music. To achieve this, the foundation offers a platform for the presentation of European music talent. In this way they promote the international exchange of music talent. Resources for this are two festivals (Eurosonic and Noorderslag), a conference, a talent exchange program (European Talent Exchange Program), and the presentation of seven music prizes. The prizes that will be awarded are: Music Moves Europe Talent Awards (MMET), Pop Award, European Festival Awards, Interactive Awards, Pop Media Award, De Veer, and Lex van Rossen Award.

Hotelships in the port of Groningen

During the Noorderslag festival in Groningen Slaapschepen.nl brings in several ships. Most of them are located near the Oosterpoort and next to the lively center of Groningen. Slaapschepen.nl brings hundreds of berths at the Groninger capital to accommodate the bands, organization and visitors.

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