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Hotel Fjoertoer op Terschelling

Comfortable overnight stay on Terschelling on a hotel ship

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Enjoyed hiking during Fjoertoer Terschelling

The Fjoertoer Terschelling is a walking tour (17 and 22.5 km) across the Wadden Island. The tour goes through woods, beach and dunes. Along the way, island artists provide special fire and light effects.

The Fjoertoer starts Saturday afternoon and lasts until late in the evening. During this walking tour you will get to know the beautiful Terschelling in a completely different way. Because during the Fjoertoer, the walking route is illuminated by all kinds of burning logs, fire pits, old sea buoys with a fire in it and much more! These light objects are made by islander artists and residents.

And what about this ship?

Sleeping ships are also located in the port of West-Terschelling during the Fjoertoer. As a result, it is only a short walk from the finish at the Brandaris to the sleeping ship. On board you will find a comfortable bed and a good breakfast in the morning. Moreover, it is nice and warm, because the ships have central heating on board.

Registration for the upcoming walking tour starts at the end of November and via this link you can find more information about the Fjoertoer.

Sailing to the Fjoertoer?

There are also Fjoertoer sailing packages. These sailing holidays are also ideal, because you have the crossing, starting tickets, hotel stays and full board. Look here for the possibilities.

View all our options during Fjoertoer Terschelling