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Into The Great Wide Open Vlieland

This four-day festival of which the first edition took place in 2009 on Vlieland is certainly worth a visit. It is a festival that, in addition to music, also pays attention to visual arts, film and nature. It is aimed at culture lovers (with or without children) who long for more depth, tranquility, nature and diversity.
Performances take place on an area of ​​the island that is converted into a festival environment. Examples are the forest stage next to the forest pond and in the garden of the Nicolaaskerk in the village of Oost-Vlieland. An art route has been plotted in the forest around the festival grounds.

Children are full visitors during the festival. The festival offers them a challenging program: artists create a stimulating environment with an exciting and varied selection. Every year the organization invites an artist to stay on the island for a period before the festival and to develop a musical product as an artist in residence that is presented at the festival.

Sleep Ships during the festival in the port

Sleepships.nl will also be present during the Into the Great Wide Open festival. Various ships moor in the port of Vlieland where you can spend the entire festival. A made bed awaits you in the evening and a delicious breakfast awaits you in the morning. The ships are close to the beach, 50 meters away you can already walk into the sea.

Ships fully booked?

It may be that due to crowds there are no more available cabins or that you can no longer book a specific cabin.
No worries! Make a full reservation on the waiting list and if a new ship is available we will move you to this boat. However, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to find an extra boat or meet your specific needs.

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See all our possibilities during Into The Great Wide Open

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