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Hotel Leeuwarden tijdens The Passion

European Capital of Culture 2018

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Hotel Leeuwarden - This year the seventh edition of The Passion will be held in the Frisian capital. The Passion can be seen as the start of a series of cultural activities that will take place in Leeuwarden. Because the city was named European Capital of Culture in 2018. This is a special honor for the city and the agenda full of Leeuwarden has been full of activities for some time now. The Passion fits well in this whole. The province of Fryslan and churches ensure that everything revolves around this performance during April 13. "We are joining forces with the Province of Fryslân and the joint churches of Leeuwarden to receive the public and television-watching Netherlands at Wilhelminaplein in 2017," says Mayor Ferd Crone. "This square is a fantastic setting for the special story of the last hours of Jesus."

The Passion

The Passion tells the story of Jesus during his last hours, his death and resurrection. This musical event is performed live on a square and the procession with a large illuminated cross also passes through the city. Well-known Dutch people play the roles of Jesus, Mary, Peter, Judas, the narrator and reporter. What is special is that the role of Maria will be played by the Frisian singer Elske DeWall. She is a singer and sing-songwriter and performs four songs live.

KRO-NCRV Media director Taco Rijssemus: ,, Frisians have always been proud people. I am proud of The Passion, the event that brings togetherness. And we desperately need that, especially in these times of contrasts. Between young and old. Between city and countryside. This year we bring the age-old story of connection with a Frisian touch from Leeuwarden. ”

Hotel Leeuwarden

During this event you can spend the night on one of the Sleeping Ships in the canals of Leeuwarden. So no rush and hustle to catch the train or to get to the car. After the performance, walk quietly to the hotel ship where a lovely bed awaits you. Wake up the next morning with breakfast waiting for you.

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See all our opportunities during The Passion