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Oerol on Terschelling

Hotel Terschelling - Every year the island is changed for ten days into one big stage for theater, dance, street theater, visual arts and music. Hundreds of artists come down to here to present their new acts.

The performances are special, often on the spot, for the unique location on the island, thought. You can see maby different performances: great spectacles mime, intimate musical theater and hilarious circus performances, westerns or interactive installations. And the stage can be anywhere: somewhere in the dunes on the beach, in the woods, dykes, in barns or on the street.

The festival has grown into an international phenomenon with thousands of visitors. You should have seen it once! Many guests come back every year.

Great hotel on the island

During Oerol you can sleep a special hotel stay books. Various charter ships sail specifically to Terschelling to offer extra accommodation options for an attractive price. Book your own room with a made-up bed plus breakfast.

The hotelships are located in the harbor of Terschelling, near the activities in the village. From here you can visit the shows by bike and experience the best atmosphere on the island.

In the unlikely event that a ship can not moor on the shore due to the full port, the ship will anchor at the port entrance. You will then be taken to and from the island with a dinghy. As soon as there is space again, the skipper sails into the harbor. So far this has only occurred once.
Also keep in mind that on Friday a ship can arrive later than 17.00 hours. In that case, you can temporarily store your luggage on another hotelship, so that you can already start exploring the island.

Corona 2021

We are a bit reluctant to offer ships during Oerol because we don't know exactly how it will all go with COVID-19 in 2021.
That is why there are not many ships on the site yet, but we do have a waiting list. So if you want to register without obligation for 2021, that's no problem. As soon as we know what the measures will be like, we will offer the ships again, taking the guidelines into account. However, it is the customer's responsibility to comply with the then-current rules at the time of booking.
Sleeping ships assumes that everyone at this time is aware of the generally applicable Corona measures when confirming a booking request. Should Oerol also be canceled next year or should the government still impose restrictive measures, this does not mean that Sleeping Ships will cancel the reservations at all times free of charge. You can always cancel yourself according to the usual cancellation conditions.


Slaapschepen.nl also offers the possibility to sail from Harlingen on the Wadden Sea to the festival and back from Terschelling. A few weeks before Oerol starts we know when the ships will make the crossing. Everyone who books a room automatically receives information about this via the mail. You can also travel with Slaapschepen.nl without spending the night. Click here you will find an overview of all the sailing packages.

Sail arrangements

In addition to hotel stays, there are also complete sailing packages. A combination of sailing and a multi-day visit to Terschelling. Also look at Oerol sailing packages.

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See all our possibilities during Oerol