Hotel Ewijk

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Ewijk is a town in the municipality of Beuningen. The village is located west of Beuningen and south of the Waal. Until 1980 was an independent municipality with the village of Winssen.

beautiful nature

The municipality of Beuningen is green and watery, with space for arts and entertainment. In the town are beautiful natural areas such as flood plains along the Waal. This is a rough area you can visit the best with sturdy shoes or boots. You can draw on the trails in this area. For example via a foraging trail.

Spread over the villages there are many traces of the past. The medieval towers and the many centuries-old farmhouses recall the time when peasant determined the character of the place. The still existing orchards showed that fruit production in this area for many has been a source of income. The lush orchards form a beautiful landscape for a bike ride when they are in bloom!


The municipality of Beuningen is less than 10 kilometers from Nijmegen. If you want then you may well find here some more pressed after the break. In the historic center you can also go very well if you love shopping. There are many specialty shops and specialty stores you will not find anywhere else. Want to sniff culture here is also plenty to do, there are several large and small museums, galleries and theaters where you can look out your eyes.