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Voorstelling De Kleine Prins

Spend the night on Vlieland

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Boilerhouse Foundation LINK invites you to meet De Kleine Prins on 28, 29 or 30 December 2021. The beautiful story of Le Petit Prince, written in 1943 by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, is the source of inspiration for a new performance. It is a groundbreaking plan, because for this performance you will go on a journey to enchanting Vlieland.

The beautiful Nicolaaskerk from 1641 is located on Vlieland and that is where the story of The Little Prince begins. Night has already fallen and in the light of the candles, the players take you to the prince who lands in the desert, the Sahara, and there meets the aviator. The performance is an invitation to return to simplicity, to find back in yourself what is still in you.

All adults were children first,
but not many of them remember.
(Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, The Little Prince)

At sunrise you continue the journey, as in the book, to the Sahara of the North, as the vast expanse of sand in the west of Vlieland is called. In this environment you will be taken to the deeper layers and core of the story.
It will be a fairytale midwinter experience in two days, where theater, eating and drinking together and the beautiful nature of Vlieland come together.

Sleeping ships during the shows in the harbor

Sleeping ships are also present during the performances of De Kleine Prins. Various ships moor where you can spend the night in the port of Vlieland. These ships are equipped with a large saloon, several cabins, toilets, showers and central heating in the saloon and cabins.
A made bed awaits you on board in a nice heated cabin. The ships are close to the beach and forests. The overnight stay is without breakfast because it is provided during the performance. In the kitchen of the ship it is possible to make a sandwich yourself. It is not allowed to cook extensively.

Bookings for a Sleeping ship on Vlieland are only possible in combination with an admission ticket for the performance De Kleine Prins. Visitors to the first performance on December 28 have the option to travel to Vlieland the day before and book an extra night on a Sleepship in advance. On the Hollandia and the Ambulant it is even possible to book up to and including 1 January 2022. New Year's Eve on Vlieland as an extra!

View all our options during De Kleine Prins - Vlieland