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Willem Jacob Groningen

Spend the night on a sportive ship

This sporty and atmospheric clipper is moored in the Oosterhaven in Groningen during the winter months. The ship can be booked from 10 persons and in total 24 can stay overnight for 26 persons. 


On the inside of the ship is an attractive and light accommodation. The interior has been designed by Welmoed Bogers. In the winter of 2010 / 2011 the accommodation has been extended to the foreship, creating a salon of 50 square meters. The former cargo area is entirely available for guests. There are benches along the side, and for the rest the interior can be arranged flexibly, for a meeting, lunch or dinner, but reception or presentation is also possible. Halfway through the hold a wall can be placed.


There are comfortable, ergonomically shaped benches on the starboard and port side. Against this are the tables. Towards the middle wall is the ship library, with lots of books about shipping and sailing. For the heating is a cozy fireplace built in, which gives a lot of heat and where you can see the flames. The daylight comes in through large skylights. At the daycare, forty people can have lunch or dinner at the table at the same time.


There is a spacious galley on the port side. Here is an 6-burner boretti gas stove, equipped with an electric oven. The dishes, cups and bowls are placed in the communal cupboard. Furthermore there are enough pots and pans on board to make a nice meal. Two refrigerators, double sinks and a generous worktop complement the whole.


In the front part of the hold we can place 22 bunk beds by means of an ingenious system. There will then be a partition between the day room and the sleeping area. This gives the ship a large communal sleeping space plus two cabins at the front of the ship. One cabin has a double bed, the other a bunk bed. The 2-person cabins are in some cases reserved for the crew. 

Classification ship

  • Capacity: 24 people
  • Sanitary facilities: 1 shower and 2 toilets.

More information

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General facilities

central heating
use of kitchen allowed
including final cleaning
bunk beds
duvets (with cover) included
wood stove


Shared showers
communal toilets

recreational facilities



capacity night24


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Oosterhaven - Groningen

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