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Information about coronavirus

Information about making a new booking

Sleeping ships assumes that everyone at this time is aware of the corona measures applicable at that time when confirming a booking request.

  1. If the booking cannot go through due to Corona government measures, the booking will be canceled free of charge and the travel sum will be refunded.
  2. You want to cancel yourself, but if the booking is allowed to proceed according to the applicable government measures, the usual cancellation costs apply. See terms and conditions.
  3. Spending the night in a cabin with 2 or more people is only permitted if there are residents with the same home address. If you book a cabin in advance with several people who do not live at the same home address, it is at your own risk, if this measure is still in force at the time of the festival. The additional costs for any rebooking are for the customer (subject to availability).

Supplement for bookings during festivals:

  • If the festival is canceled, but the overnight stays may take place on the Sleeping Ships according to government measures, and you nevertheless want to cancel, the usual cancellation costs apply. See terms and conditions.