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Overtochten festivals en evenementen

In style, go to your festival on an island

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Crossings to and from Vlieland or Terschelling

It is possible to sail with the sleeping ships to and from Vlieland or Terschelling. If you would like to sail on a traditional ship, you can even if you have not booked a bed on a sleeping ship.

You can watch the Sleeping Ships, even when you stay overnight or do not sleep on a sleeper ship at all. In general, it is not sailed during crossings but danger to the engine.

Here Comes The Summer

The sailing times will be announced

General information return trip

  • The costs for a single trip pp are € 25, - (children up to 10 years are allowed free of charge).
  • The crossings take about three hours, the duration of the tour depends in part on weather and tide.
  • There is no catering on board, so do not forget yourself for your wet and dry.
  • When you book a crossing, one week before departure by mail, the last travel information will be included with the ship's berth etc.

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