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Sail Den Helder 2017

Nautical overnight stay during great sailing event

Check out all our possibilities during Sail Den Helder 2017

SAIL Den Helder Is this year's biggest public event in North Holland. With the arrival of, amongst others, the international Tall Ships and the many activities in and around the harbor it is a wonderful nautical event to visit for several days.
The event took place for the first time in July 1993. It then coincided with the 36e Marine Days when National Fleet Days were called. Even now there are the Marinedays, the public can visit marine ships during Sail, watch spectacular demonstrations and of course anything to do. It's a unique opportunity to see the Royal Navy closer.

22 through 25 June

Sail the Bright start Thursday 22 June with the Tall Ships parade and last until 25 June. Come to this beautiful port city and experience the rich history of the maritime nautical heritage. This is the time to see a large fleet. There are Tall Ships, Dutch historical ships, modern ships and naval ships, including submarines! Enjoy the various big and smaller events at Willemsoord, Nieuwediepkade, Flaneerkade and Marineterrein in Den Helder.

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Check out all our possibilities during Sail Den Helder 2017