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Sleeping ships B2B

Temporary accommodation for staff, students and visitors to events

A sleeping ship is the ideal solution for temporary accommodation for staff during long-term construction projects or for guests during conferences or events
Sleepships.nl has a wide range of ships at different luxury levels. In addition to the regular overnight stays for private individuals, we also offer accommodation options for staff or guests at locations at home and abroad during major projects. We have a separate website for this: Hotel ships.nl. Wherever there is water, we can realize housing by using our hotel ships. This distinguishes Hotelschips from other providers, who are often tied to a fixed location.

Housing where needed

Hotelschips.nl specializes in arranging staff housing, accommodation for migrant workers, living space or hotel accommodation at a location of your choice. This can be for a week, but also for several years. Each project has its own conditions and budget and together with the customer we look at the possibilities and look for the perfect location for the temporary hotel. Hotel ships are not limited to the Netherlands alone. The delivery of our ships can take place throughout Europe and possibly beyond.

From basic to luxurious

Hotelschips.nl offers a wide variety of accommodations. This is where Hotelschips.nl is unique. Because we offer very diverse ships, we can meet practically every wish. For example, the ships we offer vary in capacity and luxury. You can choose to give your guests a private room or to spend the night in a shared cabin. There are ships with basic facilities such as rooms with private shower/toilet and a dining room, and there are more luxurious ships with a gym, roof terrace, swimming pool and separate bar. Depending on the budget and the conditions, we tailor the complete picture of the temporary staff accommodation to the wishes of the customer. Feel free to ask us for more information or take a look at our sister website hotelships.nl.

Support during the process

Our team can, if necessary, provide support during the preparations for the entire process. In addition to offering and delivering the hotel ships as temporary accommodation, Hotelschip.nl guarantees proper guidance during the process of deploying a floating accommodation. Due to our experience, we know all the small and large obstacles you can encounter as a customer. We are happy to help where possible and provide solutions so that the entire process runs smoothly. In some cases, for example, consultation with governments will have to take place or, in exceptional cases, a permit process will have to be started. Hotelschips.nl has extensive experience in this and can provide support. If you hire our ships for the project, you will also have to deal with checking in guests or staff. We can also help with this, we can even take over this completely so that the entire check-in and boarding process is properly arranged. Naturally, all facilities must also be arranged at the location of the hotel ship so that the ship can function as a fully-fledged hotel. Hotelschips.nl ensures the presence of water, electricity and WiFi. Waste processing is also fully arranged by us.