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Hotel Sneek

A water town with lots of history

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Hotel Sneek Water sports and tourism have developed broadly in Sneek. This is due to the location of the city in a wetland area and the presence of an admirable historic center.

Sneek several major events. The biggest and most famous is of course the Sneekweek, early August. Sneek Week is the largest sailing event in inland Europe. This takes place on the Sneekermeer and we also host two games of the SKS Skutsjesilen, namely from Terherne and at the end of the annual competition from Sneek.

A real Frisian town

As part of the Frisian Eleven Cities, Sneek is the second city to be passed by the Elfstentocht. The 11 City Bike Tour also visits the city of course. Whoever comes to Sneek should try a piece of the local specialty Drabbelkoek and a glass of beerenburg from Widow Joustra. In Sneek, the population speaks its own dialect: Snekers.

Visit Sneek and sleeping on a Sleep Ship

It is an affordable way to spend the night during your visit to Sneek. You sleep on a ship with an attractive salon as the central focal point. A comfortable and made bed awaits you in your cabin.










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