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Temporarily rent an office on a hotel ship

Working in a safe office space on a hotel ship

Work in quarantine on a ship

Ships that are currently unable to sail offer office space for employers and employees looking for a temporary workplace. These ships have various spaces available that are very suitable as a temporary office. This allows the work to continue in a pleasant and safe manner.

Rent affordable workspace

These workplaces can be rented for a reasonable price so that everyone who needs a place can go there. The home worker who is looking for a quiet place can also come to work here for a day. The workspace or rooms can be rented per day and per midweek.
The ships are not tied to one fixed place. If you are looking for an office space for a longer period, it is possible to sail a ship to any desired location. As long as there is water, of course.

From hotel room to temporary office

A hotel ship has a perfect layout and is a good solution for these temporary measures. You can use the hotel rooms as an office space, where each employee has a room with its own sanitary facilities. The rooms are spacious enough for it rent out temporarily as an office. The rooms are equipped with Wifi and a telephone connection. Of course, all measures are taken on board to comply with all applicable measures. This is done by means of one walking direction on board, frequent cleaning and working in a room with its own toilet.

Extension of your office

Are you looking for a temporary extension of your office? Or a large space where your employees can work at a great distance from each other? Then you can also use the saloon of a ship as office space hire. Here are several tables, everyone can still communicate with each other, but at an appropriate distance. A salon can be rented by a small group of about 4 to 6 people.