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Hotel rooms and group accommodations

Group accommodation and B&B in the Netherlands and Belgium. Sleeping on a hotel ship during a visit to your favorite city, event or during a friends weekend or family outing

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Comfortable and affordable overnight stays on a Sleeping Ship

Cheap hotel rooms and group accommodations throughout the Netherlands and Belgium. From Antwerp to Groningen, the beautiful hotel ships are ready to receive guests for a hotel stay. You can book one or more nights on a ship throughout the year. In winter, the fleet of sleeping ships is supplemented with ships that sail in summer and moor in the harbors and canals in winter. The ships are ideal as a bed & breakfast and many are also very suitable as a group accommodation.

We can also offer hotel ships throughout the year for special events and group accommodations on location. A suitable ship is available for every occasion, because a hotel ship is ideal as a mobile and flexible hotel accommodation or as a cheap alternative to a regular hotel stay. During conferences and festivals, we can offer group accommodations for up to 150 people per hotel ship. In addition to hotel stays for short periods, we can also arrange accommodation if you are looking for something for a longer period. Consider, for example staff housing on location for several months or years,

Enormous possibilities

Staying overnight on a hotel ship

Hotel nights on a hotel ship

Slaapschepen.nl has beautiful hotel ships throughout the Netherlands. There is plenty of choice, whether you are looking for an original "boat and breakfast" or a luxury hotel stay. A weekend away and sleeping on the water on a boat gives just that extra something to your outing.


Group accommodation on a boat

Hotel ships as group accommodation for family or friends

All our ships can also be rented exclusively for family or friends club for a multi-day period. You then have access to the entire boat and you can use all facilities. A hotel ship can be rented including bed linen, towels and use of kitchen. Call or email us for more information.


Rent a boat for a longer period on location (mobile accommodation)

Do you need somewhere to stay overnight? Contact us for a tailor-made offer. We can offer ships for small groups to groups of hundreds of people. Click below for more information on our daughter website www.hotelschepen.nl.


Sleep on a ship during events

In the Netherlands there are several multi-day events where Sleep Vessels present. Often the regular hotels booked up quickly and Sleep Ships provides spot comfortable and affordable hotel rooms on ships. Due to great success, and the flexible nature we can find an increasing number of festivals and events.


Group accommodation for school trip or working week

The sleeping ships are very suitable as accommodation for school classes. Below deck you will find enough beds, a well-equipped kitchen and a cozy salon where every school class will enjoy themselves. A hotel ship in a big city is a good base for a school trip or city trip. Very affordable and the ships can be practically everywhere, provided there is water.