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The solution for (large-scale) accommodations and offices, on shore and at sea, for staff or guests.

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Sleeping ships arranges the permit

Years of experience

Quickly on site

Cost saving

Available for any capacity

Wherever there is water

Quickly scale up and down

Customized advice and support

Temporary housing on the water

Since 2010, Slaapschappen has been a partner of companies and municipalities that are looking for large group accommodations for staff or guests. Sleeping ships takes on the role of charterer of the ship, the project manager and the property's hotel manager all rolled into one. From the permit application to customized catering. The focus is on fast scalability and high quality, in all facets of the project. 

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Accommodation on shore and at sea

Our fleet includes different types of ships, ranging from cruise ships and barges to river ships. Thanks to our extensive expertise in hospitality, we are able to provide a completely worry-free experience. We offer extensive and mobile group accommodations for various industries, including:

  • offshore
  • Construction projects
  • Government and safety regions
  • Events
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