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Hotel The HagueMost people think of The Hague to parliament. In the city, namely the Dutch government and parliament established and it is the residence of the royal family. Although it is not the capital of the Netherlands, but certainly fulfills this role. All embassies and ministries are located there. In addition, the city location of many national and international courts, including the International Court of Justice and the International Criminal Court.

Next to the parliament, it is also a place with bustle and many cultural activities. It can also be a haven of peace, because outside the city you can really make your head on the beach. The 11 kilometer long beach gives Hague something special. The horizon, the fresh sea air and the swimmers, walkers and surfers four seasons create a holiday feeling.

A weekend Hague means choosing. In virtually no other Dutch city are so many attractions to see extraordinary things. Visit the famous Courtyard or discover Holland in miniature at Madurodam. Go relax on 't Scheveningen beach or watch the most beautiful masterpieces in the Gemeentemuseum. One thing is certain: you will certainly enjoy here. Whatever you're planning in The Hague, there is something for everyone. And after a busy day in the city or on the beach is lovely to come home in one of the hotel ships in the harbor.

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See all our hotel ships in The Hague